Ztc device alias fails with "no devices with uid" on a PSoC6

New user, probably doing something wrong in my workflow? Zerynth Studio never makes the Z button active so I kicked back out to a command prompt and run these commands.

> ztc device discover 
vid    pid    sid                     uid                                       port          disk    desc
-----  -----  ----------------------  ----------------------------------------  ------------  ------  -----------------------------------------------------------------
04B4   F155   100D106C03227400        fcfe762f59ddbdac75fa854654d44e9cfc7c0d45  /dev/ttyACM0          Cypress_Semiconductor_KitProg3_CMSIS-DAP_100D106C03227400

> ztc -v device alias put fcfe762f59ddbdac75fa854654d44e9cfc7c0d45 p6 psoc6wifibt_pioneerkit
[error]> No devices with uid fcfe762f59ddbdac75fa854654d44e9cfc7c0d45

Please check the docs for more info on registering and using the device.
To successfully program the device, KitProg2 should be put in CMSIS-DAP mode clicking on the MODE SELECT button (only LED4 is turned on within this mode)
Let me know if you still have problems