Zerynth Workshop at The Things Conference - February 2, 11:00 am

Come and join us at The Things Conference, a 3-day LoRaWAN developer conference organized by The Things Network.

We'll present the workshop "How to become an IoT developer if you're a Web Developer".


Amsterdam, Rigakade 10
1013BC Amsterdam, Netherlands


Fri, 2 Feb 2018, 11:00 am CET


Eventribe: https://www.eventbrite.nl/e/the-things-conference-tickets-38146026793


During this workshop, you will learn how to build IoT and Industry 4.0 applications in Python using Zerynth and The Things Network.

Makers, designers, and IoT professionals are welcome!

The coding and prototyping session will include:

  1. how to run multithreading Python scripts on a generic 32-bit Microcontroller in a few clicks;

  2. how to read data from analog and digital sensors using Python;

  3. how to use Python to send data from an ESP32 board to The Things Network for Industrial LoRaWAN Applications.


What we’ll provide:

  • 1x  4zerobox, a modular electronic board for Industrial IoT applications, based on ESP32 by Espressif Systems and programmable in Python using Zerynth. Specifically designed for Industrial IoT and Industry 4.0 solution providers, 4zerobox is ideal for applications in Manufacturing, Smart Retail, Logistics, Home Automation, Smart Cities and all market sectors where IoT is a core capability.


Your computer with Zerynth Studio installed. You can download it for free here: https://www.zerynth.com/zerynth-studio

More info

See more information on http://www.thethingsconference.com

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