Zerynth with Nodemcu development board with Esp8266


Hello, is possible to viperize the Development board Lua Nodemcu ?
There is also a micropython firmware, but with viper it would be great !! :stuck_out_tongue:
PS: sorry for my bad english


Actually Viper has been not yet ported on ESP8266.
looking at the ESP8266 MCU features, Viper can run on it but a porting is required. 
Do you wanna try? We can support you :smile: 


yes, why not!! :smiley:


Giacomo will give you all the required info…
I am looking at the ESP8266 docs for trying to understand more in detail the characteristics of the MCU.
But the docs looks very cryptic… Do you have any link where details of the MCU are reported?


this is what i found https://nurdspace.nl/ESP8266#CPU_and_memory

there aren’t any specifications about the specific MCU with related datasheets and registry settings references


Google is not our friend !! :frowning:
Observing the board, there is a CH340G chip but I don’t know if it is what we are looking for… I don’t have a great knowledge about it sorry ::neutral: 


The CH340G is just a USB<->UART chip. Other NodeMCU development boards (or clones) have different USB helper chips.

yeti said:
The CH340G is just a USB<->UART chip. Other NodeMCU development boards (or clones) have different USB helper chips.
i also investigated on the esp8266 community asking for the architecture behind the MCU.
This is the answer i got

You will find all the documentation and data sheets of the ESP8266 at the manufacturers website (Espressif) which can be found here:


The MCU IS the ESP8266 which is based on the Tensilica range of processors. What makes those processors special is that they are custom processors for each application including with extended instruction sets fit for purpose. This is not an ARM architecture.

It sounds like the first step in your project is to investigate the feasibility of having ChibiOS run on the ESP8266 and that sounds like a major exercise in itself. I'd contact the owners of the ChibiOS product and see if they have plans for that exercise.

the opened discussion is here http://www.esp8266.com/viewtopic.php?f=6&t=4090


I found some information about mcu here 

in other words the mcu is a "106micro Diamond Standard core (LX3)"

and here there are other info 

I hope it’s of help  :D


Since those boards are insanely inexpensive and so small it would be super cool to have Zerynth on them. Going to get one soon.


Hi Guys! We just released the NODEMCU porting! http://community.zerynth.com/discussion/374/esp8266#latest

Can you help us understanding the next board to make programmable in Python? You can vote here :slight_smile:

Zerynth Team