Zerynth uses 100% of CPU and RAM


I want to use Zerynth Studio for programing my device, but when I run the Zerynth Studio task “nwjs” starts (see picture of Task manager) with bunch of files “Git for Windows” and makes my PC unusable, can’t even close Zerynth and must restart my computer every time…WhatsApp Image 2020-08-13 at 11.30.25

Any help will be appreciated.

Hello @mark_polajzar,

thanks for your feedback. What version of Zerynth Studio are you running? Does Zerynth Studio show up or the window never becomes visibile?

While we debug the issue, you can try our extension for Visual Studio Code here (still in beta and you need Zerynth r2.6.0).

Hi Giacomo,

thank you for your time, I managed to solve the problem. I had to uninstall Zerynth, first install Git and then Zerynt again to make it work :slight_smile: