Zerynth Studio R2.3.2 Stopped Detecting Devices

I’ve been using Zerynth Studio (R2.3.2) on a Windows VM via Parallels.

Up until about two days ago, I was able to connect to a ST Nucleo F429ZI and program these boards with relatively little issues. However, all of a sudden, Zerynth Studio no longer detects this device.

On the device manager, I see ST-LINK Debug.

Furthermore, on the MacOS’s Zerynth Studio, I can see the ST Nucleo F429ZI but I cannot virtualize this board when running Zerynth Studio on the Mac side.

Is there anything that I can do this get the Windows Zerynth Studio to detect my ST Nucleo board?

Hi @mark.agsalog
Sorry for the late response, Virtual Machines can be tricky because of USB serial ports not being passed through from the host system.
Since you were able to connect the device and program it easily, I’d conclude that Zerynth runs normally, recognizes and programs the board as it should.
Could you try updating or re-installing the hardware drivers for the board, and let me know the results.:smile: