Zerynth Studio PRO live on June 28! Last days to pre-order!

Hi guys! 

it's great to see how many of you are enjoying Zerynth and using Python on Microcontrollers!

Two years passed since the release of the first version of Zerynth. Thousands of users worldwide gave us feedback and helped us shaping the first tool for developing industrial-grade IoT applications in Python. I am very proud to announce that Zerynth Studio PRO will be available to the public from June 28, 2017!

With Zerynth Studio PRO you can enjoy industrial-grade features like:

  • Power Saving
  • Selectable RTOS (ChibiOS and FreeRTOS for now)
  • Over the Air update development
  • Hardware-driven Secured Firmware burned on the device at industrial volumes
  • Unlock unlimited number of VMs for your pre-series and industrial productions
  • …and much more
Zerynth supports already more than 20 devices, including our last release
  • Hexiwear, yes you can develop your first wearable device in Python!
  • MKR1000, a must-have for Secure IoT development.
  • New Esp8266 based boards: Adafruit Feather Huzzah and Wireless Tag WT8266S2
These are the last days to pre-order  with a discounted price for life of 199 $/year. To thank you for your amazing support, you can get an additional 50$ discount coupon by filling this form.