Zerynth Studio, Linux, Hexiwear fail to Register. "Can´t open serial port!"


After the uplink in Windows 10 don´t work normal, i try to install it in Linux
I installed Ubuntu 16 and LinuxMint 18 in a VMware virtual workstation. The Zerynth Studio installation works and i can start Zerynt Studio.
The recognition of the Hexiwear Docking Station work well,  but if i try to register i see the “hexiwear.bin” in the DAPLINK Folder writing to Hexiwear but “Register” fail with
[info] Starting device registration
[info] Burning bootloader…
[info] Please reset the device!
[error] Can’t open serial port!

In Info all looks OK.

Port: /dev/ttyACM0
Disk: /media/myname/DAPLINK

This happen with Ubuntu and Linuxmint, installed in VMware Workstation 12 Player.


Hi Peter,

it seems like all is working propoerly. Zerynth Studio recognizes Hexiwear with its Serial Port and its Disk.
Do you have in, your linux user, permissions for managing serial ports?
To allow the access to serial ports the user needs read/write access to the serial device file. Adding the user to the group (for Ubuntu this group is usually dialout), that owns this file, gives the required read/write access.

Let me know if this can help you


Thank you very much.
Until it works in Windows now, there is no need to use a linux virtual machine. I made a short test, without success. But, your answer in the following link solved my problem and i am happy.