Zerynth-Studio and Intellisense


i am new to Zerynth and missing IntelliSense like it is described here. Am i missing something or isn’t such a function not implemented.


Hello @Julian_Sp,

Zerynth Studio features autocompletion (useful to import modules), but no Intellisense.


And do you know if there are plans for implementing real linting to Zerynth Studio?


Hello @Julian_Sp,

we have several improvements to Zerynth Studio in our pipeline, but not before Q3 of this year.


Have you thought about using VS Code or creating a Pycharm plugin?

The USP for Zerynth isn’t the IDE.


Hey @IainColledge, thanks for the suggestions :slight_smile:

As Lorenzo already said we have something cooking, be sure to stay updated with Zerynth this year :wink: