Zerynth r2.5.0 is now available! Introducing the new Zerynth Device Manager (Beta)

Zerynth is proud to announce the new Zerynth Device Manager (beta version) - a device and data management service that makes it easy to securely register, organize, monitor, and remotely manage IoT devices at scale.

Zerynth Studio now integrates some of the features of the newly released ZDM. In addition, the graphic of Zerynth Studio has been aligned to the new brand color of Zerynth.

A detailed list of changes follows.

- Aligned the color of Zerynth Studio to the new Zerynth brand color.

- New “Zerynth Device Manager (beta)” section into the Zerynth Studio

A new panel called “Zerynth Device Manager (beta)” is added into the connected devices section. From the panel, it is possible to open the ZDM GUI (by clicking on the “Open ZDM GUI”) or to prepare the FOTA (by clicking the “ZDM FOTA Prepare” button).

The “ZDM FOTA Prepare” permits to upload the firmware for a device registered into the ZDM (details here) from the Zerynth Studio. After the prepare command, you can login to the ZDM GUI and schedule the FOTA with the newly uploaded firmware.

- New ZDM Official Library

The Zerynth ZDM library can be used to connect and manage your devices with the Zerynth Device Manager. It takes care of connecting to the ZDM and listening for incoming messages.

It enables you to call jobs on devices remotely, to do FOTA (firmware over the air) for Virtual Machines supporting FOTA updates. More info here.

- New Zerynth Device Manager Command Line Interface (ZDM CLI)

Zerynth Studio has also integrated the ZDM CLI (command line interface) that permits to send commands to the ZDM. For more details see here.

$ zdm                                                                                                                                     	
Usage: zdm.py [OPTIONS] COMMAND [ARGS]...                                     
Zerynth Device Manager (ZDM) command line interface (Beta Version)            
 -v                        Verbose.
 --colors/--no-colors      To enable/disable colors.
 --user_agent TEXT         To insert custom user agent.
 --pretty                  To display pretty json output.
 -J                        To display the output in json format.
 --help                    Show this message and exit.

login        Obtain an authentication token
logout 	     Close current session
workspace    Manage the workspaces
fleet  	     Manage the fleets
device 	     Manage the devices
fota   	     Manage the FOTA update
job    	     Manage the jobs sent to a device
webhook    	 Manage the webhooks
event  	     Manage the events

- New Client Python library for ZDM

We have also released a client Python library for the ZDM that can be used for connecting CPU (microprocessor - such as Raspberry Pi) based devices to the ZDM.

The python library is available on Zerynth GitHub and it can be installed with the following command:

$ pip install zdm-client-py

More info here.

- Minor Fixes and Improvements

  • Requests in Stdlib: now accept chunked http with cb with fixed shrinking buffer;
  • Added new ZDM Examples: In the examples section, you can now find some basic and advanced examples for getting started with the Zerynth Device Manager. More info here.

How to update?

Now you need to update all the packages to the version r2.5.0. To do this you have just to:

  1. Start the new Zerynth Installer;
  2. Open Zerynth Studio;
  3. Click “System Update”;
  4. Click “Update” and restart Zerynth Studio
  5. Follow the wizard and enjoy!

Remember to virtualize again all boards with the new virtual machines!

Happy coding!

As usual, please keep us informed of issues for this update.

If you have any ideas for projects, examples, applications, and how-tos, don’t hesitate to post them on our Hackster page and here on our Community Forum !

And don’t forget to stay tuned and follow us on Twitter @Zerynth and Facebook @Zerynth for real-time updates or subscribe to our newsletter!

Enjoy this new release and happy coding!