Zerynth r2.1.2 Patch p02 is available! From Sensor to Cloud in 15 lines of simple Python!


New Updates for Version r2.1.2 are available!

This time, Zerynth Team is happy to announce a new update for version r2.1.2.

Patch p02 introduces 1 major library update, 12 new libraries (1 from the Zerynth team and 11 from Zerynth Partners) and 1 new device along with several fixes and minor updates:

  • Clone the AWS IoT Cloud15Lines example for the quickest sensor to cloud experience: from sensor to cloud in only 15 lines of Python code;
  • Support for Gennann, a simple and powerful Artificial Neural Networks library, more info;
  • Support for Xinabox SW01, SW03, SW10, SL01, SU02, OC05, SL06, SH01, AH01, SL19 and CR02 LoRaWan modules, more info;
  • Support for AWS Hexagon v1 development board, more info;
  • Devices automatically reset when a Python exception is not caught;
  • ESP8266 compilers updated for GNU/Linux systems;
  • Sharable VMs [Beta version] in Zerynth Studio;
  • Esprida Liveintersect IoT library moved to Partners’ libraries, more info.

To update you just have to:

  1. open Zerynth Studio;
  2. click “Rolling Update”;
  3. click “Update”, restart Zerynth Studio and enjoy!

Remember to create updated virtual machines and virtualize all boards with the new ones.

As usual, please keep us informed about any issue regarding this update and, especially this time, stay tuned for upcoming posts and tutorials on newly introduced features!

Happy coding :sunglasses: