Zerynth r2.1.1 Patch p01 is available with support for debugging C code, TLS for Broadcom BCM43362 and MXChip IoT DevKit AZ3166 board


New Updates for Version r2.1.1 are available!

We’re happy to announce the release of the patch p01 for Zerynth version r2.1.1.
This time, the patch introduces two highly requested features, one beta feature, three new boards and several updates:

  • gdb and gdbgui integrated in Zerynth Studio/Toolchain to debug C code;
  • mbedTLS included in Zerynth Standard Library to add TLS capabilities to supported connectivity chips (connectivity chip driver should have been updated to include this feature too);
  • update of Broadcom BCM43362 driver for TLS connections through mbedTLS;
  • beta version of the Python preprocessor for conditional compilation;
  • MXChip IoT Devkit AZ3166 board support (more info here);
  • Microchip Xplained Pro SAM L21 (more info here);
  • Espressif ESP32 Pico v4 (more info here);
  • erase flash from Zerynth Studio/Toolchain for ESP32/ESP8266 based devices;
  • new ADC channels for ESP32-based devices.

To update you just have to:

  1. open Zerynth Studio;
  2. click “Rolling Update”;
  3. click “Update”, restart Zerynth Studio and enjoy!

Remember to create updated virtual machines and virtualize all boards with the new ones.

As usual, please keep us informed about any issue regarding this update.

Happy coding :sunglasses: