Zerynth r2.1.0 is out!


Hello everyone,

Zerynth r2.1.0 is now live!

This release is very important as it marks a change in the licensing scheme. To sum it up:

  • Zerynth Studio will be one and free for everyone; no more distinctions between free and pro versions
  • Virtual Machines now come into two different licenses: Starter and Premium. Check the details here
  • User assets have been migrated to account for the new licensing

Asset Migration: the exact number of Zerynth VM Licenses you consumed until
now will be reassigned again as a “Migration” pack.
In addition a Welcome pack composed of 5 Starter and 5
Premium licenses will be given to every user. For Zerynth Studio Pro users, the assets they acquired with the subscription, will be migrated to Premium licenses. Everything else (projects; libraries, etc.) will stay the same.

IMPORTANT: from the technical point of view, all existing virtual machines must be recreated and virtualized again; however users of r2.0.11 version must perform a system update in order to be able to create virtual machines!  Users of versions before r2.0.11 need to download the installer and install again.

Techie Stuff: in r2.1.0 all ESP32 based VMs have been migrated to Espressif IDF-3.0-rc1 fixing bugs and reducing the memory footprint. Moreover, from r2.1.0 on all VMs will be assigned a version and a patch (just like Zerynth libraries), so that it will be easier to check for bug fixes and new features. Last but not least, this release lays out the basics to allow some interesting coming updates (did I say JTag probes support and customizable VMs for your own hardware solutions?!? :# )


Error virtualizing Pycom FiPy 1.0 board


If you see this error message or similar opening your r2.0.11 Zerynth Studio version:

Don’t worry, here’s the solution smiley

This issue is related to the fact that the r2.1.0 version is no more retro-compatible with the r2.0.* versions so you have to perform a system update to be able to interact with the new Zerynth ecosystem.

To do that, you have to check for new updates manually by clicking on the menu bar: Preferences --> Check Updates
After few seconds, you should see in the footer the two buttons in the picture

The message shows this dialog window:

By clicking the System Update button, a notification that a new major release is available appears:

After clicking the Update button, the system starts the procedure to install the new release; you have to follow the message in the console log, restart the Zerynth Studio when asked, and choose the new r2.1.0 release to be installed.

Happy Coding!!!


If the graphic links weren’t broken this page might be more useful. I’m currently running 2.0.9, which still appears to be the only version available for download. There is no “Check Updates” option on the preferences menu, and selecting “Profile” displays

WARNING!! Can’t retrieve user info!
Error while loading profile! TypeError: Cannot read property ‘slice’ of undefined

in the console. Would it really kill you to make an updated download available through your web site? I’ve been trying to upgrade for day now, and have become more than a little disillusioned through this process.


Hi Steve,

Unfortunately, during the migration of the new Zerynth Community Forum links to the images uploaded have been broken; we are working to restore them.

Regarding your issue, from r2.0.9 to r2.1.0 there were many changes involving all the Zerynth Ecosystem and you don’t receive the notification of the system update because you have the old Zerynth Installer.

To solve and fix in the briefest time, you can download the new version of the installer for your platform from the Zerynth Studio Download page, you can delete the zerynth2 folder (or .zerynth2 for Mac and Linux platforms) from your home folder (don’t worry your projects will be still available and still working); you can run the new Zerynth Installer (with overwrite confirmation if asked) and then you can install Zerynth Studio r2.1.0-p02 (latest) from scratch.

Please, let me know if this can help you :slight_smile: