Zerynth r2.0.8 is out with FOTA updates and other PRO features

Hello everyone,

I am happy to announce that a new significant update of Zerynth is out and without your support and encouragement this wouldn't have been possible!

With the launch of the r2.0.8 release, we’re excited to introduce you Zerynth Studio PRO, the professional version of Zerynth Studio that includes the following industrial-grade features:

  • Firmware Over-The-Air updates!
    The FOTA module enables access to Zerynth VM functionalities for updating firmware and/or VM at runtime. It can be safely imported into every program, however, its functions will raise 'UnsupportedError' if the target VM is not enabled for FOTA features (available for Pro users only).

    The FOTA process can be performed “manually” by using the low-level libraries offered by the standard library. However, by using (i) the Zerynth ADM (ii) its Python library and (iii) Zerynth Studio (or the ZTC) together, the FOTA process can be extremely simplified. Take a look at the Zerynth ADM doc for more info.

  • Power Management
    The PWR module enables access to power management functionalities specific to the target microcontroller. Note that this is a platform specific feature of each microcontroller, so each function of this module is subject to the MCU limitations. You can find more info in the official documentation.

    As for the FOTA module, it can be safely imported into every program, but its functions will raise 'UnsupportedError' if the target VM is not enabled for power management features (available for Pro users only).

  • Secure Firmware
    This module allows access to the microcontroller watchdogs and will soon enable access to anti-tampering features. Each microcontroller family has its own watchdog peculiarities, described in details in the official doc of the library. Again, also this module will raise 'UnsupportedError' if the target VM is not enabled for secure firmware features (available for Pro users only).

  • FreeRTOS Support and selectable RTOS feature

With this new release, Zerynth VMs will run also on FreeRTOS, this will boost an even faster growth of the list of supported devices in the early future. FreeRTOS is now the default RTOS for all the free users. For the VMs already consumed, the powerful Zerynth hardware abstraction system will make this switch perfectly smooth! PRO users have the chance to select the RTOS that best fit with their needs, starting from CHIBIOS and other RTOS that will be supported in the future.

These are some of the options available to a pro user when creating a new VM:

You can take a look at this post on our blog for more info about Zerynth Studio PRO and how to get it!

To help you check your current assets and manage your subscription we've enriched the Profile Section in Zerynth Studio, that can be accessed by clicking the profile icon at the top right of the screen.

Bug fixes and improvements:

  • Pinmaps updated and now loading regardless of the spaces in path
  • updated the timers library (now accepting arguments in callbacks)
  • faster and more accurate float calculations

As usual, please report here any issue with the new release.