Zerynth r2.0.11 Patch p01 is available with support for FOTA over AWS IoT and AWS Greengrass

New Updates for Version r2.0.11 are available!

We're happy to announce the release of the patch p01 for the Zerynth version r2.0.11. This time, the patch introduces one amazing feature and three highly requested libraries:

  • Support for Firmware Over The Air (FOTA) update over AWS IoT (more info here). Take a look at the examples here.
  • Library for AWS Greengrass (more info here). Take a look at the examples here.
  • Library for Semtech SX1503 (more info here).
  • Library for Texas Instruments ADS1015 (more info here).
  • Bug fixes and general improvements!
To update you have just to:
  1. open Zerynth Studio;
  2. click "Rolling Update";
  3. click "Update", restart Zerynth Studio and enjoy!

Remember to re-virtualize the boards based on ESP32 with the new virtual machines.

As usual, please keep us informed of issues for this update.

Happy coding B