Zerynth r2.0.10 is out


Hello everyone,

I am happy to announce a new Zerynth major release, r2.0.10. There are a lot of new features:

  • Esp32 support! Four new boards based on Espressif Esp32 module are available: Esp32 DevKitC, Sparkfun Esp32 Thing, Olimex Esp32EVB and Olimex Esp32 Gateway. Wifi and Ethernet support is ready, BLE will be available soon
  • New update mechanism: rolling updates! The current package system will remain in place for major updates, however bug fixes and updates of single packages will be managed via rolling updates. However the old installer isĀ not compatible with rolling updates, please have a look here for migrating the installer
  • New libraries: microchip.mcp3208, microchip.mcp4921 and solomon.ssd1306
  • A revamped gsm module and a new driver for ublox.g350
  • SSL! enabled for all capable device (esp32, winc1500 and sara g350) with one way and two way authentication
  • Cryptography: elliptic curves, secure hashes, hmac directly from Python and blockchain ready with Keccak and secp256k1
  • Math: enjoy trigonometry and more
As usual, please keep us informed of issues for this release.