Zerynth on RedBear Duo


Hi guys, I had a RedBear Duo plugged on my OSX USB port, and connected on Particle Cloud (Cyan breathing), while starting Zerynth studio. The Duo color Led turned green then… This board is a kind of Particle Core board with  BLE functionality included… Does it work with Zerynth, is there a risk that I brick the Duo board, after clicking on the Z button, will I get a choice to escape? Thanks for your feedback


The Duo board is based on a STM32F205 ARM Cortex-M3 plus a Broadcom BCM43438 wifi+bluetooth combo chip.
It has the same MCU of a Photon so Zerynth could run on it but i would avoid Virtualize it as a Photon. This could brick it.

@Giacomo what you think about? 


mmm…I cannot exclude the risk of bricking the Duo, but the Z button should work if the Duo is recognized as a Particle Photon.


hi @fleximarkets ,

The Zerynth team is working hard in expanding the number of supported boards. In the next days we will launch a survey asking our amazing community which boards you’d love to program with Zerynth.

[Spoiler]: RedBear Duo will be on the list  ;)