Zerynth not working properly


hi, i can start the program and it shows “Checking for updates…”
but it never returns anyfurther message. like no update found or so. also i don’t get the rolling updates
and the newsfeed doesn’t work. and i can’t exit the program other than killing the prosess.
anyone else encountered this and maybe knows how to solve this?

kind regards,


Hi @erwin_laarhoven1,

“Checking for updates…” message is not followed by any further message when no update is found. If you have installed Zerynth recently it is probably already updated to the latest available patch, let me know if this is not your case :wink:

Thank you for signalling the News Feed issue which is due to the recent Community Forum migration and is going to be fixed with the next patch.

For what concerns the impossibility of closing the Studio without killing it, what platform are you working on? Do you have the Serial monitor open when you encounter this issue?


thanks for the quick response

i’m using windows 10 64, and there’s no serial monitor open.
if I start the application, I can’t close it via the x in the top right corner


Hi @erwin_laarhoven1,

unfortunately we are not able to replicate this issue at the moment, anyway we are investigating :thinking:
Stay tuned for next updates!


hi i had pending updates for windows10
maybe that was interfering. it’s behaving as should now.
thnx for the response:)


Since a while I’m having the same issue: I’m not able to exit the application, I have to kill the process too.