Zerynth editor suggestions

Hi team,

For the Zerynth editor may I suggest the following improvements (or if there already pls explain how to get them working)

  1. Implement CTRL-TAB (and equivalent for mac-os) to switch between open files in the IDE

  2. When closing a project also close all belonging files that are open in the editor (maybe having a user configurable option to disable this behaviour )

  3. Have a way to fully expand the compile/uplink message window

  4. Have a compile report that shows the complete structure and realtive weigths of your code when compiling (including resources defined)

Thanks in advance

Hi @Alex1
Thanks for these suggestions, I’ll pass them to the dev team to see if they are feasible.
As for 4, Could you tell me what kind of information the compile report would have?
Do you mean information about RAM and ROM consumed by the compiled code?

Thanks @karimhamdy1 for considering them.

As for 4 I guess a summary of the .vdo file would be enough.
Kind of how much space each file/module is using and a general usage of the available space

Then after the above, a more detailed breakdown of base ram usage would be great. Space allocated to globals and permanent code allocations would be great too.