Zerynth Contest: Make IoT Real


Tech experts agree: Internet of Things is potentially one of the most important trends in the history of the industry. But it’s time to move beyond "potential.” It’s time to make IoT real!

This contest is open to professional designersmakershackersnerds and geeks who want to build real life IoT projects using Zerynth.

Find out here how to enter the contest!

Use this thread to notify us and the Zerynth community that the project you’ve posted on the “Zerynth Community Projects” section is an entry for this contest.

Happy conding!


Hi, this is my project:
Title: Alcohol tester

Description: This project explains how to build a device for estimating blood alcohol content from a breath sample. I wanted to build an alcohol tester IoT to use during a party. I could put it near the
door and all my friends could have fun testing their blood alcohol
content before leaving the party. My friends can use it and visualize the level of alcohol on the Zerynth App.
Link: https://www.hackster.io/framan/alcohol-tester-129cee