Wrong argument order when expanding tuple

If I compile with Zerynth 2.6.0 and run on my Quail board the following code snippet:

import streams

def f (arg1, arg2, arg3=3):

f(t[0],t[1],3)  # f: 1 2 3 (good)
f(0,*t)         # f: 0 1 2 (good)
f(*t,arg3=3)    # f: 1 2 3 (good)
f(*t,3)         # f: 3 1 2 (bad?)

I get the results shown in the comments. Am I wrong or the last line is a bug? I’d have expected f: 1 2 3 .

Edit: case f(*t,arg3=3) added.

Hi @lorcap
Looks like a bug, Let us look into it and fix it in the coming updates.
Thanks for reporting it :hugs: