Wiznet5k chips support implementation


I’ve found that zerynth doesn’t support W5100 chip.
Today the driver for Wiznet based chips exists https://github.com/torvalds/linux/tree/master/drivers/net/ethernet/wiznet. It is written on C.

Could It be ported to Zerynth? If yes, can you give me any instructions or manual for making this possible?


hi @baravovan
You can write the driver yourself since it is communicates through SPI communication protocol(according to the datasheet).
Have a look at the SPI module in the documentation here
Zerynth team could develop custom library for you at low cost fee,If this suits you then the sales team would contact you.


hi, @karimhamdy1
Thank you for rapid answer.
Can you give me approximate level of the “low cost fee” for such development?


The sales team would have all the information you might need.
Send them a message on This link : https://www.zerynth.com/contact-us/