Wiznet Ethernetdriver


Can you ad drivers for the Wiznet Ethernetchips (w5100/w5500) used in products like Arduino Ethernetshield 1/2 or Wiznet WIZ55io, I use them for Arduino Due etc.



I’ m interested.
How I can use to Arduino due with ethernet ?


Dear want to comment that one of the most used by shiels entusistas arduino is W5100 and therefore can not believe that people who did Zerynth Viper or have not implemented a library for this shield, the question is  when you think make this library.


Hi Luis,
we are working on a lot of new connectivity modules for the next Zerynth release, currently the W5100 is not in our short term schedule, but we hope you will be able to find other interesting and useful supported products satisfying your needs :slight_smile:

Thank you's feedback, but I still think they could earn much to support the Shield Ethernet Arduino, I'm just starting with their tools and fantastic encounter and unfortunately I have not the experience to implement a library in order, but as I said thanks anyway .


Hello. Do you have any news/updates about w5100? I am very interested in using It with Arduino Due