Windows 10 Home very rough installation

Hi all,

I am new with the software and have read couple of reviews and decided to test it.

At the final end in one PC the installation was very rough. At the final end actually the software never ran well or at all on a windows 10 -64bit Home edition.

The issues:

  • Lots of issues with firewalls and antiviruses.
  • The online installation was not possible.
  • The offline installation worked.
  • The sign in never worked. always thew errors.
  • Cloning examples from the repos never worked.

Then I decided to mount a clean Ubuntu 18 virtual PC and here apart from the issue that a library was not found when installing it. I did not took note sorry cause i was desperate.
Everything ran well.

I have installed the studio in a 3rd PC with windows 10 pro and the installation went smooth.

Seems the issue is on a windows 10 home PC with Mcafee antivirus.

Hi @ralphcastro504
I think all of these issues are from the antivirus you are using.
During online installation and signing in, Zerynth studio connects to the servers, Which the firewall and antivirus prohibits.
Since you’ve installed Zerynth studio in a 3rd PC of windows 10 Pro without issues, I think all of the previous issues are due to misconfiguration in the windows network settings and due to firewall and antivirus settings.