Window10 offline installation problem


This is the log error

Installing packages...
[ztc]> Executing package install -p meta.zerynth.core:r2.0.7 --last --force --offline C:\\Users\\Enzo-PC\\zerynth2\\tmp\\offline
[info]> Updating repository [community]
[warning]> No authorization token! Please run 'ztc login' to get one
[info]> Checking repository community
[warning]> Can't update repository community
[info]> Updating repository [official]
[info]> Checking repository official
[warning]> No authorization token! Please run 'ztc login' to get one
[warning]> Can't update repository official
[fatal]> 'NoneType' object has no attribute 'type' Impossible to install packages:
==> board.zerynth.adafruit_feather_huzzah
Install: 2


This is the error for the on-line 

Starting installation at: 2017-06-21T14:03:07.901Z
Getting package list...
Downloading Phase
Getting package core.zerynth.toolchain
Download request status:404
Error while getting package download

No one can help me, I can not in any way install zerynth studio on my pc
Thank you

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Help me please

Please, how do I use your product if I can not install it?

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Hi vinny74,

This behavior is very weird, I just successfully install again Zerynth Studio in our Windows 10 machine in both modality (online/offline) and I cannot replicate your issue.

Regarding the your online installation log you receive a 404 http standard error; you can try to copy and paste this url ( in a browser and check if the package (core.zerynth.toolchain-r2.0.7.tar.xz) download starts. 

The offline installation facilitates and speeds up installation operations saving time related to package repository download but internet connection is still required to complete the installation sequence; try to install again with an internet connection active.

Post me your logs if the issue continues.



The url link not found error 404


Do you have proxy limitations or an antivirus that blocks internet access for zerynth studio? 
here a link where you can find some advice scrolling the comments (link1) (link2)

No proxies, windows antivirus disabled

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Now ok with on-line installation.

Now my problem is this, I have a Udoo quad, and connecting the arduino part to zerynth studio, tell me ambiguous device, and see it as a NodeMcu v2, or like an Adafruit feather huzzah, can it be resolved?

Thank you

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Udoo MCU is a SAM3X8E so it should be seen as an Arduino DUE.

We already solved many months ago the problem of interfacing Zerynth (at that time was still named Viper) with the Udoo board.

have a look here and try to see if this solution is still applicable to the current version of Zerynth. A lot of things changed since that post has been written…but maybe…
let us know


OK thanks