[Win10] Error during online installation


Seems to run into an error at executing the package sync?



Hi tinkervps,

On Windows machines, ZerynthInstaller.exe must be executed from your main disk (same where your Windows distribustion is installed).

Let me know if this can solve your issue :slight_smile:


Yes this solves the install issue, its now successfully installed on the main (C:) drive

Thanks Matteo for the quick response!


 I have a problem when install he Zerynth Studio on Win 10, with chose the online package installation the error appear is as below:  
 Getting package core.zerynth.toolchain                            Downloading: https://backend.zerynth.com/v1/packages/core.zerynth.toolchain/r2.0.9

certificate signature failure
Error while getting package download.
  I don't know what's the solution.



Hi James,

r2.0.10 is out!!! Try again to install Zerynth from scratch downloading again the new installer from here.
Let me know if r2.0.10 fixes this issue :slight_smile: