Will Zerynth no longer support third-party boards?

I’m asking because I just received an email. I only use Zerynth in my Wroom32 modules, so I will only be able to use your tools until January 31, 2022?


hi @Leonardo1
Zerynth continuously works on providing a better experience for our complete IoT Platform.
As Zerynth released its Version 3 update, with its new SDK, OS and Cloud service, Unfortunately it had to drop support for 3rd party boards.

In general, Zerynth hardware products cut the development time, provide a convenient way to prototype applications and provide a seamless transition from development boards to mass production of your products.
Since you are using ESP32 based module, You can easily integrate our new ZM1 module in your product, that will ensure better integration with our software platform.

I have just ordered a couple of Riverdi IOT display modules that use the ESP32 wroom module.
I had planned to build these into new products but can I confirm this will now be a dead end development route in 2022.
I just want to confirm what I am reading above as I assume Riverdi is classed as 3rd party.


Hi @Peter
Yes, To have better software-hardware integration with easiest device to cloud connection, Zerynth released its new Hardware line of products and maintains support for legacy 3rd party devices untill 31/01/2022

For your project, The ZM1 Module is pin-compatible with the ESP32 module, so your hardware development is on track, as you can just replace the ESP32 module with the ZM1 module.
for the software development, I recommend the ZM1-Development Board, Its a modular development unit featuring Expansion module system, Ethernet, SD card and It uses the new Zerynth SDK V3 with its new features, better IDE experience and easier Cloud integration.

Feel free to ask if you have more questions.