Wifininaclick and hexiwear


How can I program the wifininaclick module with the hexiwear in zerynth?


Hi @Mts,

the WiFi NINA click mounts a u-blox WiFi chip which is currently not supported: you could try to develop a library (AT commands over serial interface, we could support you on the forum) or, if you have an urgent need, we can develop it for you (I can make the sales team contact you ASAP).

Let me know :slight_smile:


I’m participating in a project, but I still do not have the functional w-132 module for hexiwear, but I’m testing the ninaclik wifi on another ide (mc). I have another question, is it possible to work with third-party libraries ?, I need to generate a QRCODE
inside the clock, but I had problems with the libraries … is it possible to do that?