Which board you'd love to program in Python with Zerynth?



We already support some nice boards: NodeMCU, Particle Photon, ST Nucleo, Arduino Due, Mikroe Flip&Click and Quail and many others.

We are now expanding the number of supported boards and we want to involve you: can you help us understanding the next board to make programmable in Python?

You can vote here :slight_smile:  The list includes boards to suit all purposes: making, professional development and scale production.

Tip: click on the board names and follow the links to view the board details.

And that’s not all! At the end of the survey (3 October 2016) you could be one of the three voters randomly chosen to win the most voted board!

If you want to be the lucky one, just fill the newsletter form after the vote!


Please add more Freescale/NXP Freedom boards, and other boards from mbed, like LPC1768.


And what about Pyboard/Wipy?!!?? Please, add them!


Thanks for your feedback and suggestions!

@allankliu i am gonna add the LPC1768, any other suggestion from NXP?.. i am looking on the Frredom Board List…

@fma Pyboard and Wipy are already programmable in Python thanks to the super cool MicroPython project. We could port Zerynth also on these boards but the objective of this survey is to understand which new boards the embedded developers community would like to pythonify :smiley: 


I understand. On the other hand, they have been targeted for Python!
I have to admit that I prefer Zerynth approach, rather than micropython…

BTW, is there a documentation describing how to port Zerynth to new boards? As these ones are close to some already supported boards, it should not be very difficult to do the job. But without documentation, I can’t help much.

fma said:
BTW, is there a documentation describing how to port Zerynth to new boards? As these ones are close to some already supported boards, it should not be very difficult to do the job. But without documentation, I can't help much.

here you can find a topic discussing this point. in summary: In order to guarantee a reliable, maintainable and scalable architecture of the Zerynth suite, the Zerynth Virtual Machine license will soon switch to a closed source policy with distribution of binaries packages only and custom VM compilation as an online service.
This means that the porting will be done by the Zerynth Team only in future and this is why we are asking your contribution for understanding which board you prefer 


I see. But is it still possible to contribute, so you can add a new port by checking/rewriting parts of our code, and include it in the main branch?


YES, we are very open to collaboration and contribution. If you want we can organize a call about this.


Don’t have much time right now… But if you have some documentation, I can start here.


What about Raspberry Pi and Some TI Boards (TM4C123G)?  Can This be ported to Raspberry pi/ Beagle bone kind of boards? As there any documentation so that we can port by ourself or contribute to the ports?


Raspberry Pi and Beagle bone are MCU based boards so Zerynth can’t be ported on it. The Zerynth VM runs only on MCU architectures.
TI boards like TM4C123G on the other side are MCU based units where Zerynth can be ported. However, these boards aren’t currently included in our short term porting plan.

We are very open to collaboration but, a
s you can see in this post https://community.zerynth.com/discussion/comment/961/#Comment_961 the Zerynth VMs are going to be moved into our cloud and for this reason the porting of new boards will be made by the Zerynth team only.

If you want to collaborate with us on this kind of activities feel free to send me a PM   


Hello everyone

Strange enough that nobody has proposed a TI MSP432 based board until now.
The MSP432P401R features a 48MHz ARM Cortex M4F, RTC, 14-bit 1MSPS differential SAR ADC and AES256 accelerator and is compatible with the several “booster packs” boards of Texas Instruments ecosystem.
TI recently adopted the open source arduino like Energia IDE (http://energia.nu/), developed by Robert Wessels, for many of its MPUs.
Last but not least, original board is priced at 12,99$:
Update: discovered this morning a free shipping coupon, see http://forum.43oh.com/topic/9969-ti-has-free-shipping-through-oct-23/#entry75025


thanks @amaze1 for your suggestion! will take this board into consideration for the next porting session. Currently, we are working hard on the Atmel D21 and on other MCUs we will release soon :smile: