Where to find the table of error codes?


Hi ZERYNTH Community.
Tell me where you can see the error codes with decoding their values?
For example, what does it mean:
“E (19110) sdmmc_common: sdmmc_init_ocr: send_op_cond (1) returned0x107”
during the execution of the command:
“ww = os.open (‘0: zerynth.txt’, ‘w +’)”
from the Filesystem example.
What do the parameters of this diagnostic line mean?
I use IDE r2.3.0-base


Hello @TakOtOg,

sorry for the very late reply.

The error you are seeing are not from Zerynth VM itself but from the Esp32 IDF.
You can find some error codes here, it appears to be a timeout.


Thank you for the link