Waveshare BME280


I need to buy a new sensor to be compatible with my Zerynth based project. Could anyone from the team confirm whether this one would be compatible with Zerynth’s BME280 library?

Hello @tmladenov

from the info in the link you provided it appers to be fully compatible. You will have to use it in I2C mode.

For any issue, feel free to post here and we will provide support.

I got one already. Not exactly this one, but the PCB has only the BME280 and nothing else. Hooked it up to the SCL and SDA. Works like a charm.


before I start I want to say I’m not a professional programmer though in few evening managed to get my ESP32 dev board running, sending and receiving MQTT messages etc. Very impressed with Zerynth this far.
Now I need to add temperature readings for my project but can’t get any of my BME280 (3.3v) modules to work.
I keep getting error: [Thread 1 exited with exception InvalidHardwareStatusError @[003A:005E:0042:000D:0040:004A:0000:0020]]
I have triple checked if I have correctly connected SDA/SCL pins and all seems to be correct.
Actually I get the same error even without the sensor connected. Can it be a drivers issue?
Please help me to troubleshoot this. Code that I use is from the Example here: https://docs.zerynth.com/latest/official/lib.bosch.bme280/examples/examples.html

Let’s continue the discussion in this thread: Problem with BME280 sensor.