VM Rebooting abruptly

Hi everybody.
I was wondering if anyone knows any possible reason why the Python VM might abruptly reboot without any exception or error appearing in the serial monitor…

I’m using Zerynth Studio r2.6.4 and an AzDelivery ESP32 board [Devkit C equivalent]. This is the message that pops up.

E (10) boot: OTA: -1/-1  -1/-1  -1/-4
E (10) boot: Invalid ota, returning default vm 0
E (10) boot: Starting vm 0

For the record, it’s the exact same message that comes up whenever I press the onboard Reset button but the thing is - I’m not pressing it…

I hope you can help me. Thanks in advance :+1:

hi @Giancarlo
Sorry for the late reply.
Could you let me know if you are still working on this?
if so, Please give me the application code that results in the VM resets abruptly so we can reproduce and debug.