VM does not support ... Wiznet driver


I am trying to use function inside C_NATIVE construction

Example of the part of C-file connected to .PY:

#include “lib/Ethernet/Ethernet.h”
SPISettings * spiSettings;

spiSettingsConstructor - method declared in class SPI.h wich is included in Ethernet.h over w5100.h.
But I got
“There are 1 missing symbols! This VM does not support the requested features! [‘spiSettingsConstructor’]”
If I use spiSettingsConstructor outside C_NATIVE everything is going Ok.

How I supposed to include this method?

Link to github repository with the whole project.


Are you sure the "spiSettingsConstructor "is declared and defined for the function being called in?
Guessing from the error that it is raised because the method name is not defined, so the compiler searches for the name of the method in the builtin functions.