Virtualizing Node MCU v 2


Edit: On a whim, I restarted Zenryth and gave it a second (actually more like 20th) try. It worked. You can disregard or delete this thread (I don’t have the rights to delete it).



I’m trying to get a Blink example working. I’ve connected my Node MCU and registered it. Now, when I try to upload code, I get these messages:

[info]: [info] Got header: (what seems like a divice ID)
[error] No answer to probe

From another forum-thread, I understood that this happens because the device isn’t virtualized. But when I click “create new virtual machine” in the Register/create/virtualize dialogue, nothing happens. At all. Nothing in the console, no change in the blinking from the device.

Here’s what I get when I click info for the device:


Can you tell what could be the issue?

Edit: Forgot to mention, that I use Zenryth Version 2.3.0-Base on Windows 10.

Thanks :slight_smile: