Virtualization problems


hello guys.

am new to the particle electron and zerynth studio.

when i tried to virtualize my electron in zerynth studio, the electron started blinking the red LED showing an SOS showing possibly corrupted firmware. What could the problem be? please assist.


hi @ahmed_twabi

Could you provide more information so that we could trace what might cause the problem?

for instance, What OS are you using?
Could you put the log output in a reply here?


No, the virtualization showed no errors whatsoever. It actually said virtualization successful. But my electron started blinking red for firmware crash. I had to use “particle flash --usb tinker” to get it back working.

Thanks for the timely reply


Am using Windows 8.1


it says device virtualized but when i run a sample led blinking code it gives an error saying “no answer from probe”.

what am i missing. please help


This error is due to the fact that the IDE expects a certain reply from the device, Usually all of this is set by the Virtual Machine.
If the device is virtualized successfuly, It shouldn’t have this kind of error.

after virtualization and during uplinking, when the Log says: “Probe sent”, Reset the device

Let me know if this helps


it worked! thanks so much for your help man… you’re a life saver :grinning: