ViperApp TOI Example - Error


I have successfully modified the ViperApp TOI example to use the Broadcom driver.

All is working fine with the exception of the Buzz request from the Android phone.

When I pree the Buzz button, the serial monitor displays:

InvalidPinError @[002E:001D:00CE:0017:00C7:025F:0000:0000

Any ideas what Is wrong.


Hello kenr,

The buzzer on the TOI shield is not supported at the moment on the Photon, because the pin it is connected to has no PWM capabilities. The buzzer will be usable as soon as DAC drivers or “soft PWM” drivers will be ready. They are slowly baking  :slight_smile:


What I have done, is to change the pin in the code to D0 and move the Photon off the TOI and instead tie them together using wires, making sure D0 connects to Buzzer. Then it works.