Viper is now...Zerynth...and launched its first official 1.0 release!



It seems yesterday, but a whole year has passed since we successfully kickstarted Viper, thanks to your awesome support. Now, the times are ready to make another step: we really believe in the uniqueness of our tools, this is why they deserve an adequate recognition. Viper was a great name for a product, but other notable companies had the same feeling many decades ago, with the result that this name was shared with too many other actors out there.
We are grown now, and ready to take off fast and light, like the design processes that our tools are enabling. Like the butterfly Zerynthia, the fascinating animal that inspired our new name.

So yes, Viper is now Zerynth

You will receive directly in the Viper IDE a new update that will turn it to Zerynth Studio (not for Linux). Or you can download it right away from

During the installation of Zerynth Studio you will be asked if you wish to import your Viper projects, so nothing is lost.


Photon started working again  :slight_smile:



community libraries are momentarily unavailable. We are transitioning them to the new namespaces. 


Uploading to Photon still has the same probe failure.
Not sure if this is supposed to have been fixed in this release in the light of Davides post.
I’m running Windows 10 64 bit.


Further to my last post …
The nature of the problem appears to be different than I had previously reported …
I can upload both the Hello Viper and and Blink examples and they seem to work OK.
I’m having a problem with the Viper App Basic example on my Photon. It verifies OK and appears to upload OK. But, whatever the previous example was is still operational. The Viper (Zerynth) App Basic example does not seem to load on my Photon.
Hope this helps in analysing the issue.


Looking into the issue…


I now have uploading to the Photon working OK.
I don’t know what has caused the change in behaviour, the only thing I have added to the script is a sleep(5000) line as the serial output had gone before I could get up the serial monitor.
I have added this line to the ZerynthApp Basic and Wifi Scan examples and both now work OK.
I also found out the old ViperApp Basic does not work with the Zerynth App on my Anroid phone, something other users may come across.