Viper for x86?


I saw the Viper announcement and it looks really cool! My group is working on accelerating Python performance, and this looks like a nice opportunity.

Can Viper be ported to x86 boards such as MinnowBoard, Galileo or Edison? I know several of these are Arduino compatible out of the box such as Galileo


Hello davest,

Short answer: in principle, yes.

Long answer: Viper is targeted at microcontrollers and is built upon a realtime operative system (of choice, ChibiOs at the moment) and features a very performant and quite complex hardware abstraction layer for every chip it supports. So yes, the porting to x86 can be done, but the work of adapting an x86 rtos (or just write a “fake” one) and writing the hardware abstraction layer are not an easy tasks.

I will release the source code of the next Viper update, feel free to give the porting a try!