Viper Beta 0.2 Released

Hello Vipers,

we just released the first public Beta version of Viper.
You can download it from our download page

If you already have the 0.1.9 installed please upload all projects to the Viper Cloud and uninstall it before moving to the new version.
If you are running Viper 0.1.9 directly from a folder please delete it and also delete the Viper folder from your Windows user folder.

If you have any problem installing Viper please tell us using this thread. Moreover we also wrote a dedicated blog post for describing any problem related the Windows security problems.

Installed on Windows Vista 32 bit PC. 
Viper IDE does not run. Just get a flash screen which disappears before I can read it.

Installed on Windows Vista 32 bit PC. 

Sorry,  at the moment Viper runs on 64 bit systems only.  :'(

I cannot find any reference anywhere to this fact
 You need to make this clear on the downloads page … Please.

OK. So I got a Windows 7 64 bit machine and installed Viper IDE.

When I ran it after installation it gave me a 'cannot run without MSVCR100' message.

Installed the Microsoft Visual C++ runtime and now it seems to work.

I'm surprised you have not installed the redistributable runtime as part of your installer. Are you assuming some other program has already installed it. Not good practice.

Right, now I'll try and follow your instructions to enable me to talk to my UDOO Arm processor.


Hi Kenr,
We updated our download page as suggested, thanks for notifying us.

We really appreciate your contribute on testing the UDOO Viperizing and upload procedure suggested by Giacomo. Please notify us, this will help to integrated it asap in the Viper suite.