Viper also runs on the MikroElektronika Flip n click board



Awesome! <3

You can also change the Board Name (info button) so the IDE can assign the Flip’n’click the right name


Hi @borris 
i wanna tell you a story…
Almost 10 years ago I decided to build my first rover, i bought a PIC and a bunch of components.
I installed the PIC dev environment and after a couple of days with huge headache I quit it going back to my World of Warcraft account :disappointed: 
Then navigating on a forum of PIC enthusiasts i found MikroBasic and after only 2 weeks of development my rover was moving around my living room.
This is why after all these year I decided to work very hard with @Giacomo and the other Viper founders in helping people to develop for embedded without headaches.

I am very proud to have you here! and I am enthusiasts of having the MikroElektronika Flip n click board usable with Viper…