Version 2.6.0 problem with SSL (esp32)

I’m trying to get the example “Secure_HTTP” working. While it compiles without error on versions before 2.6.0, I get an error on 2.6.0. It seems “__lookup” isn’t working correctly:

[info] Searching for C:\Users\krist\
[info] Searching for C:\Users\krist\zerynth2\dist\r2.6.0\
[info] ########## STEP 0 - first pass
[info] Compiling module: main @ C:\Users\krist\Secure_HTTP\
[error] Syntax error [__lookup can’t find SSL_CACERT_DST_ROOT_CA_X3] in [[C:\Users\krist\Secure_HTTP\] at line 46](javascript:app.open_marker(‘c:\users\krist\secure_http’,‘c:\users\krist\secure_http\’,46))

So, it fails right at the start.

I found the file cacert.pem in the folder C:\Users\krist\zerynth2\dist\r2.6.0\ztc\base\websocket. This file contains the ca-certificates and looks ok. It seems like __lookup isn’t searching in the correct place.

I obviously modified the project.yml file as required for esp32 ssl:

Looking forward to your response.
Best regards.

Hi @Kristiaan_Verbeke
We’ll update the examples in the next updates, in the mean time please use the following ca-certificate instead.
cacert = __lookup(DST_ROOT_CA_X3)

Let me know how it goes :hugs:

Thanks for the prompt response, Karim. That works indeed :-). After looking to the content of the cacert.pem file, your solution is very logic.
Best regards.

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