Using UDOO and Zerynth for 3D printing



I’m wondering if it is possible to use Zerynth on UDOO board to implement low level 3D printing stuff, like done in Arduino Mega?

Is it fast enough to implement path planner with look forward feature, and all stepper signals?




Hello fma,
there should be no speed problem since the ArduinoDue-like board on the UDOO is way faster than an Arduino Mega.
Anyway you could adopt some strategies to optimize the execution like creating high priority threads for your speed-critical sections.
Let us know your progress and if you need more specific help :slight_smile:


Thanks for your answer. Don’t know if I will myself start such huge project, but I can try to find motivated people, with better skills ;o)


Great idea! Do not forget to ask for any doubt :wink:


Hi @fma , how is the project going? 


I didn’t sart it yet :neutral: