Using CAP1298 with ESP32


Hi there,

I created my own board based on ESP32. Since the ESP touch controller is not yet enabled in Zerynth, I would like to know if it’s possible to use the CAP1298 touch controller with standard Zerynth lib. Because I see that there is a SH01 lib for Xinabox, if I’m right, XinaBox is based on ESP32?


Hello Marcel,

yes, you can definitely use the partner library xinabox.sh01:
Tough being developed for the CAP1296 it should work also with the CAP1298.
Let me know.


Ok, thanks. Will give it a try!



It works, I attached a Xina SH01 pcb, and I’m able to detect button presses :slight_smile:

I would like to change from I2C0 to I2C1, because I would like to use SERIAL1 on the I2C0 port. When I change it to I2C1 I get this error message:

[error] Can't find name [I2C1] in <project folder>

The code I used is exactly the one as in the example, what is the problem here?


Update, already found the solution. Seems I had created a custom Device a few months ago, changed back to the default ESP32 DevKitC and now it seems to work just fine!