Using BLE en BeaconB libs over Hexiwear



I’ve been asked to develop an IoT solution over Hexiwear and I need to read Bluetooth beacons and on the other hand send data through BLE to a bluetooth/wifi gateway.

Using the KW40Z module I can see the Hexiwear device in a monitor android app, but I can’t make work the BLE and BLE_BEACONS modules from wireless over it. (IndexError exception)

Is there any possibility to make it work?



Hello @cesar_zer,

Hexiwear BLE support is limited to the functionalities exposed by the HexiApp flashed onto the KW40Z module: .
For this reason generic beacons examples you find in Zerynth Studio, working with ESP32 and Nordic chips, are not suitable for the Hexiwear board.

Let me know there are other ways to help you with your project :slight_smile: