Uplink Firmware on Hexiwear by Zerynth



after a lot of problems I´ve managed to upload an example on my Hexiwear. (Cloned by the Examples in Zerynth)

Now I want to upload the firmwear on Hexiwear again. Does somebody know how to do this by Zerynth? I´ve tried it with KDS but it doesn´t Wock because of thte telnet-port.

Thank you in advance.


could you tell me which firmware do you want to upload again?


The Firmware from: https://github.com/MikroElektronika/HEXIWEAR.git


I don’t think this could be done by Zerynth.
I think Zerynth can only upload the VM and any code compiled in Zerynth studio.
I think you can do this using their official SDK.