Uplink example error on PSoC6



Hi @yunTaoScripts
Have you followed the registration and virtualization guide for the pSoC6 in the docs?


Yes, i have follow the steps in this document. But i just can’t uplink the code.Do I need to modify the example code? Do I need to use Cypress Programmer tool?


Hi @yunTaoScripts, it seems to me that the uplink went fine. Those console logs are not errors but the normal execution of the task. You don’t need any other tool/program than Zerynth Studio.

Did you try to open the serial monitor? It’s the icon with a small terminal, on the right of the device selection drop menu. From there you should be able to see the “Hello Zerynth!” messages printed from your PSoC6.

Let me know if you find other issues!


yes, i have opened serial monitor, but there is nothing.


I am unable to reproduce your problem. Here’s the steps I followed:

  • Install Zerynth Studio
  • For windows only: install Cypress Programming Tools, it is needed because it includes serial drivers
  • Connect the PSoC6 board via usb cable, register the board (Z button, Register), create a new VM (Z button, Create VM), and virtualize it (Z Button, Virtualize)
  • Uplink the project using the uplink button (the arrow up icon)
  • When it’s done, open the serial monitor (console icon)


I have no idea. I did exactly the same as what you said, but it just can’t succeed. Maybe my PSoC6 board went wrong, or can it be zerynth studio version problem?


The Zerynth version is fine.

Do you have any blinking led on your board after you plug it on?


No, only led4 is on after the board is plugged.


Hello @yunTaoScripts,

can you try to add a pinToggle(LED0) call to see if the VM is correctly running?
If the LED blinks, can you check the number of the COM port linked to the PSoC6 USB and open it with another serial monitor (e.g., putty)?

Let me know :slight_smile:


The LED doesn’t blink. It seems that the VM doesn’t work normally.