Update 0.3.0

Hello everyone,

I am very pleased to announce a new Viper update!

There are many new features, but the main one is the Viper Package Manager (VPM). Going from 0.2.0 to 0.3.0 Viper changes its update structure, leaving behind the monolithic strategy in favor of a rolling release model.

As soon as this update install itself, you will be presented with a “Viper Boostrap” window that will quietly download all the needed packages and install them to create a working instance of Viper. At the end of the bootstrap, the Viper IDE will start normally.

So, what’s so cool about the VPM? First, we will be able to give support and fix bugs way faster than before; as soon as a bug is discovered and a fix is found, the single package is updated and made available for everyone. Second, everyone can contribute packages to the community repository, so that your libraries can be used, tested and appreciated by the entire community.  And soon, all the process of package publishing will be added into the IDE  B)

The VPM is accessed from the left toolbar (button with puzzle icon) and there is a nice tutorial in the documentation
And talking about documentation, it also becomes modular: every new package you install will add its own documentation and examples to your Viper instance (check the new offline doc).

And here it is the list of bugfix and features:

  • Mac OS X El Capitan bug should be now fixed.
  • Following the suggestions of the community, PWM module now supports NANOS. Also, ICU module now has more capturing and decoding options
  • I2C is ready! It has been tested on MPU-6050, a contactless thermometer by Melexis and an OLED screen by seedstudio. Apart from the Melexis thermometer, the other modules are still in development, they will be released as packages asap. As every other low level driver in Viper, I2C is DMA powered, that in itself is quite an achievement :smiley: 
  • Some enhancements in the editor; best one is the smart autocomplete: if you write “from” or “import”, the next autocompletion will show the available modules
  • many, many other…

As always, you need to reviperize your boards. Also, if from some reason the update fails badly, you can download the 0.3.0 installer from here

Good news… El Capitan appears to be working after you viperise the board. Great Job and a great Christmas present.

Enjoy a well deserved rest.