And here it goes another update.

There are a lot of bug fixes, UI enhancements and new VMs (so you need to viperize your boards again).


 * For Mac and Linux users the project directory (together with logs and cfg) is moved away from the Viper distro. In Linux, the new home of Viper projects is ~/.viper/projects while for Mac it is ~/Documents/Viper/projects. This way Viper can be shared between multiple user accounts. WARNING! After the update you won’t find your old projects anymore! Before updating, sync them to the cloud, and sync them after. Otherwise you can copy the content of the old project directory to the new one.
* Particle Core viperization should now be fixed. Depending on the bootloader version, the first viperization may fail, triggering a factory reset (red blinking led). After the factory reset, a new viperization should succeed without problems.

Some other goodies:

* Neopixel drivers fixed for all platforms and enhanced ledstrip module (with support for layered animations). Check the new example for help.
* If logged, there is the option to delete all the projects and start over with a different user
* Improved security in projects sync
* better board recognition for Mac

If anything goes wrong during the update, download the full distribution again from http://viperize.it/download (it has been updated to the latest version). And don’t forget to notify us of any problem!

Something did indeed go wrong: the message that says not to order this tab stays does not disappear, even after a long time. I restarted Viper and it did seem to be upgraded to 0006, except for tools which was still at 0005. When I redownloaded Viper it was the same though. So the upgrade probably succeeded. 
I’m running Safari.

BTW I do not care for the location ~/Documents/Viper/projects on the Mac. I’d prefer to choose it myself. 
If I’m not supposed to touch the files, 
~/.viper/projects (as on Linux) would be more appropriate.

after viperizing, i tried uploading a program.
it’s showing : ooops, uploading failed with the following error: Can’t open serial!