And here it is another update.

- Fixed Particle Core issues during viperization and uplinking
- New virtual machines [rev 2] with critical update (check on flash limits before uplinking)
- Better autocompletion

Please viperize your board with the new VMs or the uplinking won’t work!

Problems updating from version lower than 0004 to 0005 have been reported.

If this update fails, please download the Viper installer from www.viperize.it and install it again.

If you have synced your projects with the cloud don’t worry. Otherwise if you haven’t synced your projects, you can backup them by copying the project folder and replace it after the re-installation.

Project folder is located:

  • on Windows: users/your-user-name/viper/projects
  • on linux: viper_installation_folder/projects
  • on Mac: show package content-> resources-> projects 

It would be useful if one would get a warning if the board has to be viperized again.