Unable to receive Push-Notification on my phone


Hello fellow Zerynthians,

I was able to successfully compile and uplink the Simple ADM example to my NodeMCU/ESP8266. I also created a connected device and I am able to see the events that I am sending with the push of the NodeMCU user’s button on https://api.zerynth.com/v1/devices web-page. I can even call the ‘random’ RPC on the same web-page and get proper replies.

This is what I see in the terminal when I push the button:
11465180 Sending {cmd:EVNT, payload:{my_button:pressed}}
11465210 Sending {cmd:NTFY, payload:{text:PRESSED!, title:BUTTON!}}

I installed Zwrynth App on my iPhone and was able to see the connected device listed. I enabled Notifications inside the settings of this device. However, I am not getting any notifications on my phone or within the App?

Please advise.

Thanks in advance.

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