UDOO IDE Installation


have now Viperised my Udoo and uploaded the ‘Hello Viper’ script by following the instructions in the relevant Supported Boards section of the Docs.


1. Needed to download the Python-serial module to Udoo before the terminal window stayed open.
2. Nice that the Terminal in Viper IDE connects to the Udoo whilst the start.sh is still running.

Great work.

Can’t wait till the Photon wifi driver comes so that I can test with ViperApp. In the meantime on with the IOT shield testing on the Due, Udoo and Photon.

Thanks Giacomo for all your hard graft.



Just an observation …
I noticed that the port shown in the Viper Bridge terminal window increases everytime I connect the Terminal in the Viper IDE. Is this coming from the Viper IDE or the Viper Bridge and is it intentional?


Hi kenr and thanks!

From memory I guess the port number printed by the Viper Bridge is the port of the incoming socket (the one opened by the Viper IDE), so yes it changes everytime you uplink or open the console. As for it increasing, it depends on the policy of the operative system. 

About your first point…that’s very important. I guess I installed pyserial on my udoobuntu and then forgot about it. I’ll update the docs asap.

It does not work, the board is not identified as Arduino Due

P.S. This is an on-line translation